The Akron Children's Museum?

We want to create a museum for children in the Akron area that will allow kids to explore, imagine, create, construct, let loose and learn.  Our goal is to create a museum modeled after the nation’s top children’s museums that will encourage learning through fun, active and interactive play. Kids will learn about:

  • Science & Technology
  • Health & Wellness
  • Citizenship & Community
  • Arts & Culture

With a unique Akron twist that spotlights our remarkable city and its rich history, there will be no other place quite like this Children’s Museum.

The Akron Children's Museum

Please help us reach our goal to provide children and families with a safe, enjoyable place to learn and explore by donating now! We are relying on the help and support of our community in order to make this dream a reality. Donations are tax deductible and will be used to further the mission of Akron Children’s Museum to inspire the next generation of problem solvers and citizens in and around Greater Akron.

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